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June 11, 2008
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Welcome to Kate of Kintail's Harry Potter website. This is a place for me to display my Harry Potter- related thoughts, feelings, and creations with the rest of the world.
remus and sirius
gift for me
by frozensunrise

WARNING: This site is very heavily concentrated in Remus/Sirius and also includes a lot of hurt/comfort. There is also male/male (slash) content, male/female (het) content, and female/female (femslash) content- much of it of a sexual nature. If you are at all uncomfortable with any of this, please leave now.

Otherwise, stay and have a good look around the shack! The Shrieking Shack has grown a bit from the book, and houses fanfic, artistic creations, and much more.
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Random Quote:
House I would be in: Hufflepuff
Favorite book: HP3-Prisoner of Azkaban
Least favorite book: HP2-Chamber of Secrets
Favorite book moment: Toss up among HP5-Snape's Worst Memory & HP3-Shack scene & HP7-Harry heading to "the close" into the forest with companions
Least favorite book moment: HP5- DoM. Cockiness. Veil. Fast. Ambiguity. Grief.
Favorite character: Remus John Lupin
Other favorite characters: Harry Potter, The Marauders, Hagrid, Snape, all the Weasleys, Oliver Wood, Neville
Favorite pairing: Sirius/Remus
Other pairings I like: Lucius/Snape, Oliver/Percy, Harry/Ron, Harry/Neville, Fred/George, Harry/Ron/Hermione, James/Lily, Oliver/Marcus (growing on me), post-OotP Bill/Remus, Remus/anyone really
How I got into Harry Potter: I read a few Sirius/Remus fanfics by a trusted author some time around book 4's release and realized I wanted to know more about the characters. So I read the whole series (knowing Sirius was innocent and that Remus was a werewolf and that I wouldn't get to them until book 3) Was so worth it :-)

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The Harry Potter universe and its characters is the property of J.K. Rowling and Warner Brothers Studios. I do not own a bit of it. This is just a fan site. The creations upon the site are my own, however. Please do not steal any of it for personal use or repost it in any form for any reason. If you wish to archive something, please first ask my permission.