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MEETING ROOM: Real Life Meetups

My love of Harry Potter has even leaked out into my real life! I was lucky enough to find a great local group of Harry Potter fans.

DADA Meetup
AKA Defence Againse Dumb A's (Who Don't Get Harry Potter)

We do lots of really fun things in the DADA, the Northern Virginia/Metro Area Meetup. Some of the fun things we do include: discussion of each book & movie, Harry Potter Birthday Party (with Quidditch playing and games), attending Wizard Rock concerts, learning how to knit house scarves, meeting at a tea room to discuss ships/romance in the books, Halloween Parties (with games), and so much more!

Accio Books!
My Accio Books! Accomplishments

The first project in the Harry Potter Alliance's House Cup competition took place March of 2009. The idea was to donate as many books as possible. I set myself a goal of 500 books.

Harry Potter Alliance Northern VA Chapter

Some local girls put together a chapter of the HPA in Northern Virginia. It's not currently active, but I did go to the first meeting and I had such high hopes for it. Maybe it'll pick up again in the summer when the girls are home from college.