Thoughts on Peter’s Hand

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February 2004 and revised several times since


> Peter's silver hand. Why silver?

The werewolf & silver connection that is so prevalent in various
werewolf fandoms and myths has never been specifically part of
Harry Potter canon (at least not yet). JRK’s had ample opportunity
to mention this possible connection (HP3 Defense Against the Dark
Arts classes, HP5 Marauder flashback, Remus mentioning it for any
reason) and has still never mentioned it. Of course there’s also the fact
that at dinner the goblets used are silver as Sirius & Dung specifically
state. Remus definitely drinks from a goblet, and we can assume he has
not been given another goblet, though I suppose that is a possibility.
Perhaps he has no reaction to this contact with silver because the silver
needs to be within his body, in contact with his blood.


While I fully believe the theory that there is some significance to
the choice of silver werewolf-wise (I think because in my mind that
gives Remus a much bigger part in the plot/climax... and it works
better in fanfics) it may simply be because Tom was a Slytherin (and
that's the house that evil and the DEs are associated with). As
silver and green are their house colors, it makes sense to make it
silver and metal (which would indicate strength). Voldy could have
made it all flashy and gold, but that's a Gryffindor color of
course. Considering Voldemort already has black and green colors
associated with him throughout the books here and there, I think it
makes more sense for him to pick silver than any other metal and
stay with the "evil" color scheme JKR established.


But, like I said, I like to believe it will come down to a lovely
(noble) showdown where Remus battles Peter and avenges his friends.
Though given one pup's less than spectacular exit from the story...
I suppose we shall see.